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The Supernaturals are the product of the Balance program ran within the organisation, Interchange Outer East. The Supernaturals have been together since July 2008 when the formation of a rock band with our most talented and enthusiastic musicians kicking around Balance began. The project that is the Supernaturals provides the full band experience, from the boys jamming out a storm in live performance to recording, to all the promotion involved in putting the music out there.


In 2011 the band released a new album titled the ‘FOREVER’ album and, with the professionally produced CDs, there were t-shirts, stickers and posters made. The band had their album launch at Ruby’s Lounge on May 13th 2011.   It was a huge night of celebration of a product’s release that was several years in the making.


In 2012 the band followed up the ‘FOREVER’ album with the release of a DVD that follows the dramatic last three weeks before the launch of the album. The launch of the DVD in October 2012 also included a screening at the cameo cinemas in Belgrave.

The band also went on a regional tour supporting local acts to this area and proved to be a real highlight of the show. This tour included gigs as far as Horsham and Mildura. The band has also played local gigs at charity events and fundraisers for a variety of community groups. They also performed at Federation square and a list of music festivals around Melbourne.

The Supernaturals are fortunate to find a rehearsal space at Belgrave South Community House and have become a welcomed part of the local community and valued members of the environment incidentally generating a lot of disability awareness.

The rock bands music includes mostly original songs inspired from within with all members having had creative input reflecting the colourful personalities that make the Supernaturals all that they are. It really is these personalities that make the band such an entertaining act and, with the right support, the Supernaturals and their music will go much further, always pushing toward new horizons. Brace yourself for something special, feel the buzz and they’ll blow your mind.


Band members past and present include:

David Manago – vocals

Pat Aiello – acoustic guitar/vocals

Anthony Lombardo - bass/vocals

Paul Hocking – electric guitar/drums/vocals

Jackson Glenn – drums/vocals

Saul Noddings – electric guitar

Thomas Allen – tambourine

Mark Sawyer – vocals

Aaron Sprigg – keyboard/vocals

James Cripps – guitar/vocals

Graham Bergroth – guitar/keys/vocals

Peter Carr – guitar/drums

Scott Alexander - drums