The Quickfix - 'Shoot My Mind'

Published on May 2, 2013

The song is off the Quickfix's 2013 album 'Crossing Lines'. It tells a story of a tragic aftermath to an ended relationship and the psychological battle within trying to forget the girl and move on. The clip features photography by Sophie Siegel and the modelling work of the beautiful Alyce Farmer. Thank you to the lovely ladies for their contributions. I hope this clip provides some entertainment

- Graham Bergroth.

The Quickfix - 'Until Now'

Uploaded on Dec 30, 2011

This is a song yet to be recorded in the studio. The performance was at a good friend's 21st birthday party at the York on Lilydale, Mt Evelyn in September 2009. I am still wearing my match day attire from umpiring football in Ballarat that day. The song is about my relationship that I had at the time. Recorded on iPhone it is obviously difficult to hear but I hope that this gives you some insight into what the band is about musically and what you should expect to hear on the yet to be recorded 'Quickfix' album.

The Supernaturals 'Kill Plucka Duck'

Uploaded on May 17, 2010

The popular song by the Supernaturals inspired by the nighmares of Jackson Glenn (drummer and lead vocalist in the song) in which Hey Hey It's Saturday's Plucka Duck is trying to kill him. In this song we turn the tables with revenge! All members are supported by the Balance Program and the organisation Interchange Outer East. This song rocks so get us on 'Hey Hey' asap.